SUN2000-36KTL - Huawei Smart PV String Inverters

Huawei กริดไท อินเวอร์เตอร์ ประสิทธิภภาพ
สูงสุด ประสิทธิภาพ: 98.6%
รับประกัน 5 ปี
Product Introduction Of SUN2000-36KTL

Technical Specifications SUN2000-36KTL
Max.Efficiency 98.6%
European Efficiency 98.4%
Max.Input Voltage 1,100V
Max.Current Per MPPT 22A
Max.Short Circuit Current per MPPT 30A
Start Voltage 250V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 200V~1000V
Rated input Voltage  620V
Number of Input  8
Number of MPPT Tracters 4
Rated AC Active Power 36,000W
Max.AC Apparent Power 40,000VA
Max.AC Active Power(cosφ=1) Default 40,000W;36,000W optionl in settings
Rated Output Voltage 220V/380,230V/400V,Default 3W+N+PE;3W+PE optional in setting
Rated AC Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Output Current 54.6A@380V,52.2A@400V
Max.Ouput Current 60.8A@380V,.57.8@400V
Adjustable Power Factor Range  0.8LG...0.8LD
Max.Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
Input-side Disconnecion Device Yes
Anti-Island Protetion Yes
AC Overcurrent Protetion Yes
DC Reverse-Polarity Protection  Yes
PV-array string Fult Monitoring Yes
DC Surge Arrester TyreⅡ
AC Surge Arrester TyreⅡ
PV Insulation Resistance Detection Yes
ResidualCurrent Monitoring Unit  Yes
Display  LED indicators,Bluetooth+APP
RS85 Yes
USB  Yes
Power Line Communication (PLC) Yes
  General Data
Dimention(W x H x D) 930 x 550 x 283mm(36.6 x 21.7x 11.1 inch)
Weight(with mounting plate ) 62kg(136.7lb.)
Operating Temperaure Range -2 5 °C ~ 60 °C  (-13°F~  140°F)
Cooling Method Natural Convection
Max.Operating Altitute 4,000m(13,123ft)
Relative Humidity  0~100%
DC Connector Amphenol Helios H4
AC Connector Wateproof PG Teminal Clamp
Protection Degree IP65
Topology Transformerless

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